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 Celebrating the completion of the First Boomer
Dr. Katsuhito Stingray is regarded as the "Father" of Boomers.  Fascinated in cognitive theory, his experiments yielded a means of replicating human intelligence.  His "brain box" is the model upon which all later Boomers were based upon.  The Boomers themselves were intended for work in zero-gravity conditions and in space.  However, Stingray's financial backers, Quincy and his Genom Corporation realized that the Boomers themselves could serve in other ways as well including as a new servitor race of laborers for menial work and even more chillingly, for combat purposes.  
Stingray was reputed to be furious at their intentions and he objected to Genom's simplified and mass-production "brain boxes" which he felt was inherently unstable and could become prone to psychotic rages.
But before he could make his complaints and fears public, there was a mysterious explosion at his laboratory that killed him and seemingly destroyed all of his notes and work.  Soon afterward, Genom would emerge as the dominant mega-corporation in the entire world--based on their number one product; the Boomer.  
 Memorial Grave
However Stingray had much bolder ambitions than simply replicating human consciousness.  He wanted to design an "improved" model and foreseeing his impending death, he secretly prepared a counter for Genom and their Boomers.  Based on his experiments in replicating human intelligence, he created a process for allowing a person's own brain to be reconfigured for vastly improved cognitive and intuitive abilities.  
 Stingray's Legacy
Reluctantly, he performed these enhancements on his own children, Sylia and Mackie and entrusted to them his research into a suit of powered armor based on his early designs on the robotic framework of Boomers.  His daughter Sylia would use her gifts and her father's designs to create the Knight Sabers' armor and would recruit her own group of agents to combat the worst of Genom's excesses and their rogue Boomers.

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