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 Dr Satan’s story is told to us via Captain Spaulding in the original film House of 1000 Corpses when he wishes to entice the teenagers to the   Firefly Families residence. Dr Satan has many back stories and depending on who is telling the tale depends on the version you will hear, the main idea for Dr Satan is that he was once a physician named Quentin Quale who was head surgeon at a local mental asylum. Willows County Mental Hospital was where he would torture patients by performing deadly brain surgery on them in the hopes of creating a master race of humans he was also said to murder and torture others. Town locals discovered the acts and an lynch mob attacked the hospital, dragging him to his death, hanging him from a tree outside the hospital. The next day his body disappeared, never to be found again.  

His link to the Firefly Family is unknown as to how they came upon him, in one version it is said that Otis who joined the family later was part of a cult who worshiped the Doctor and bought him to the homestead when he met up with the Firefly Family. The members of the Firefly Family worship and revere the man and send victims to him for further testing. 


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