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She was a geneticist hired by The Facility to create a clone of Wolverine. After twenty-two failed attempts she created a female clone (X-23) and after it was finally approved she was forced to become the surrogate mother of the child. Though X-23 had a harsh environment for her childhood, Sarah showed her defiance towards her superiors by reading her daughter Pinocchio to give X-23 a sense of humanity.

After learning that Zander Rice was creating 25 clones of X-23 and was going to separate Sarah from her daughter, Sarah told X-23 to destroy the clones and kill Rice. X-23 successfully accomplished both objectives but in the end, Rice had his revenge on Sarah as he had previously sprayed her with trigger scent, causing X-23 to go into a berserker rage and mortally wound her own mother.

Before Sarah died, she gave X-23 a real name: Laura, as well as a letter, a picture of Wolverine and Professor X and told her to go to the Xavier Institute, hoping for a better life for her daughter. The letter she gave Laura was too bloodstained to read but Laura was later given a copy that Sarah had sent to Wolverine in case she didn't survive.

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