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Doctor Rivits received radio signals from deep space. He later managed to land an alian craft on Jungle Island with, on board, an alien scientist. Wanting to help the -Alien- pilot who landed in the sea, Tara has been arrested by the doctor's team. They want to do what have to do without being bothered by a Jungle Girl.
But Tara finally came to disturb their plans.  After defeating his allies (physically), she easily forced the doctor (she seems a lot stronger than him) to explain the reason for his presence on her island.    
Tara learns that Dr. Rivits works for an international crime cartel, who got wind of his work on communication with extra-terrestrial. He wants to advanced scientific information while the cartel want weapons systems. 
Later, the alien realized who was the real enemy between Tara and Doctor Rivits.  He killed the men of the doctor while the latter managed to escape with his helicopter. But the alien has succeeded in blowing up his helicopter in the sky, above the sea, killing its occupant. 
In any case, is what Tara thought. To her great surprise, she met the Doctor again a few days later, on her island. He survived the explosion of the helicopter.

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