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Dr. Pretorius specialized in the manufacture of robots. He once created a giant 50 foot reproduction of She-Cat, to attack Orlando, Florida. In the past, he had already faced Ms. Victory with this robot sheme. She-Cat was shocked by the idea of Dr. Pretorius of reproducing her image to commit crimes. A search of the parts of the 50 foot robot led the team to Dr. Pretorius'  factory: Cybernetic Facsimiles Inc. at Orlando.
She-Cat infiltrating
The super strong She-Cat infiltrated the facility to find  more information. First, she easily got rid of a security guard. She then smashed a metal door with her leg to discover a room with 4 robots. They were  the reproductions of Tara, Nightveil, Ms. Victory and herself. Then She-Cat had to fight against a monster and her robot reproduction. Two victories later, she find that the reproductions have disappeared.  She knows that Dr. Pretorius is behind all of this.  
Much later, we learn that there is a collaboration between Pretorius and Alizarin Crimson. This witch, who wants also the destruction of Femforce, needed his help to put a plan into action. In exchange, Dr Pretorius wanted to replace members of   Femforce with his robots creations.

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