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Dr. Pat Windsor was a young female M.D. who often found that in order to heal her patients she first had to solve a mystery.

This might be diagnosing just what illness or condition they were suffering from, or it might be discovering what was happening to them was being caused by another person on purpose with murderous intent.

Doctor Pat however was not the sort of physician to stay uninvolved behind her office doors, she not only made house calls, she sometimes went to remote areas to practice her skills.

A general practitioner, Dr. Windsor was also a skilled psychiatrist which proved useful when she had to turn detective.

Besides her knowledge, skill, compaction, dedication, medical skills and powers of observation, Dr. Pat’s final asset was her snazzy convertible which always made an impression and which on one occasion even saved a patient, who having been brainwashed by a villain after his money into trying to kill himself by jumping off the roof of a building, was saved by Dr. Pat racing to the scene and catching him in the raised fabric hood of the car.

Doctor Pat and the Girls

Dr. Pat, Rx was part of Sensation’s brief “all girl” period, as well as being a type of character that DC would use a lot during the 50’s, the 8 page detective with a specialty, such as Captain Compass and the sea, or Roy Raymond and television. 

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