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Dr. Midwinter worked for nazis during the WWII. He was rising in the ranks of SS, and his job was finding occult artifacts. He found one artifact of great power, immortality. This artifact was the Scarab Signet of Atum-Ra. Hitler wanted it and Dr. Midwinter was sent to Egypt to retrieve it. He however found himself against Pantha, who bit off his arm and escaped with the Scarab Signet. Dr. Midwinter's life was prolonged when he touched the signet.

Today Midwinter is still alive and still hunts the Scarab Signet, having heard of Pantha appearing in America he sent his men to retrieve her. Many of the kidnapping attempts failed, but eventually they were able to capture Pantha in one of her hideouts in a zoo. They brought her to Germany, Midwinter's men ripped the Scarab necklace from her, but Pantha had a plan, the Scarab was replaced with a bomb, and it allowed her to escape again. Midwinter realized that getting the necklace wouldn't be easy, so he set up trap. Pantha who was again in America was playing a hero and tried to save a girl from being sacrificed. The girl was related to Midwinter, and she used deception to get her necklace, what she then gave to Midwinther. Pantha was again a doctor's prisoner. Now midwinter planned to sacrifice Pantha's soul to Lady Death in return of getting mass extinction. Vampirella arrives to rescue Pantha, she finally achieves that and thus Midwinter fails the promise to hand over Pantha's soul. Lady Death turns on him and Midwinter is killed.

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