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Mayavale is a native of the planet Avatanda, a world "cut off from the main spaceways."  There, the natives have been devoted for eons to meditation, the divine search for the ultimate reality.  Mayavale himself spent the first 150 terrestrial years of his life as an acolyte in a monastery.  Unhappy with this progress and feeling he's suffered a "mystic blockage", he is allowed to go to the Chamber of Lives where he can inhale "the wheeling mists" to clear away the impedance.  Cautioned to breath the green smoke only until the gong sounds, he disregards the warning and dives deep into "the ocean of years."  The experience fills him with instant complete knowledge of fifty thousand lifetimes, an influx which causes him to go insane. 
Learning that he had spent his past 60 lifetimes doing "nothing but good," he decides it's time to work some evil to balance out his karma.  Based on the artificial world All Time, which contains relics and civilizations from all eras of time, the fiend lures the Legion of Super-Heroes to his planet to destroy them. 
Escaping various death traps, the superheroes confront him and he flees into the vastness of space in order to unleash his "evil" into the galaxy.

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