Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen movie

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hey im a huge fan of the doctors and i was wondering do you think they will show him naked full fontal and all in the movie. be interesting to see that

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It's not overly graphic, but his naked blueness is in the trailer.

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I checked out the Dark Knight on the Imax the other day and they played the Watchmen trailer. I saw Manhattan naked but I didn't see his junk. For it not to be visible on a screen THAT big, it's probably not there.

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Well, for those who haven't seen it, there is a link to the trailer in my blog on the left of this page. It is there at 1.20, but you really have to be looking to make it out.

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The trailer was kool because I recognized alot of the scene from the book. Im not to thrilled with the ending but itll be intreresting to see what they do with it in the movie. Also its amazing how Dr. Manhattan is naked from most of the book yet we only see his junk like 5 times at most. IDK how Dave Gibbsons did it but thats amazing.

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Well, the film is supposed to be capturing the look and feel of the book, so you should recognise a lot of similarities.

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I am looking forward to this movie. I am pleased they are keeping the blue wobbly-bits discrete, no one needs to see that.

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