Before Watchmen, Dr.Manhattan - Story's focus.

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Sorry if this is on the wrong board, but Before Watchmen -Dr.M didn't have it's own forum yet. I'm new to this forum and I like what I see :)

I don't know where they could go with Dr.Manhattan. I really don't want to see him fighting crime, because making your enemies explode instantly isn't exactly very fun in the long term. I don't want an anxious story about his love life, nor do I really want a story about him being a scientist and making watches on the side. However, a story about his time in Vietnam would be great, however it wouldn't be very long considering his abilities.

I personally would love to see him leave Earth and create his own life-form. He would confirm his existence, aid them, and care for them only to find his creations inevitably destroy themselves. Unfortunately, the series is called Before Watchmen.

Rorschach has his crime fighting state of mind, and the law trying to take him out. Silk has her social/family life and crime fighting. Ozy has his corporation, crime fighting, and plan to save the world. Comedian has his messed up state of mind and government/minute men interaction. Nite Owl has his crime fighting, and interactions with the previous NO. And the Minutemen have a whole lot of group interaction and crime fighting. (I haven't read Minutemen, Silk or Comedian, just to take note, but I know the jist of it..)

Dr.M's origin has been touched on well enough. Just like Ozy #1, re-touching on the origin cannot last very long. But I'm dragging on, time to conclude.

What do you think will be available in Dr.M's portion of Before Watchmen, and what do you want to see?

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@Citrus: It would be dope if he made a being with had powers too ( obviously not on his level but with enough to give him a spot among the superhuman community) and that being would be taught and fight a longside the crimebusters or something.

Its funny cause DM future would be much more interesting than his past. The only way his past would be interesting if different aspects of his powers were introduced.

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