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With a flair for the dramatic, Doctor Fang, a former boxer and actor turned racketeer, attempted to stake out his own portion of the Gotham City underworld. Biting into the jugulars of his henchmen when they failed and frequently sending hired thugs to local businesses to extort protection money, Fang made it up the lower rungs of the criminal ladder. He attempted to acquire the services of Gotham City police detective Harvey Bullock, believing Bullock to be corrupt, and set forth on a plan to make a grab for the Wayne Foundation's holdings. Bullock relayed the information to Bruce Wayne, and Fangs scheme was quickly ruined by Batman and Robin. Fang sent his underlings to take care of Batman and Robin, but to no avail.

The defeat forced Fang underground where he began plotting to rig a boxing match. Fang planned to use coercion to guarantee a win for underdog Tommy Dunfey against the heavyweight champion Michael Greene. However, when Greene refused to take a dive, Fangs plans were again ruined so he had one of his thugs murder the champ. Outraged at being used, Dunfey teamed up with Batman to take down Fang. The events culminated in a boxing match between Dufney and Fang. Despite getting shot in the middle of the match, Dufney was able to knock out Fang.

Dr. fang was briefly incarcerated but through bargained his freedom from the corrupt mayor Hamilton Hill, in exchange for murdering Harvey Bullock. While walking the streets on his way to kill Bullock, Fang saw Batman on the roof tops and decided to get revenge instead. Fang caught up with Batman, who was engaged in battle with Night-Slayer. During the skirmish, the Night-Slayer shot and killed Fang.

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