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Olliver is a prominent therapist at Summerlea Hills Home in upstate New York. One of his patients is Stacy Palumbo, the niece of Hunter Rose, the first Grendel. She has many problems deriving from her general upbringing, since Rose had never let her really have a childhood. In addition, she lost many "families" over time: her original parents died, then she was put in the care of her uncle Barry Palumbo, then Rose killed him (without her knowing it, at first), and she was adopted by Hunter Rose. She formed a warm attachment to Argent, the Wolf, but rejected him after Hunter arranged to have him shamed at a very public event. Then she found out that Hunter was Grendel, and plotted to have him killed.

Erik and Stacy bond together

After he was killed, she felt alone and bereft of any hope of a natural life. She felt like she belonged to the devil. Olliver tries to help her. At first, he seems sincere in his intent. However, having had so many inappropriate relationships with men, she doesn't really know how to reciprocate his warmth, and starts to feel like she is falling in love with him.

She thinks his eyes changed color to symbolically represent the situation, from blue to brown to grey to (eventually) black. She starts dressing up to get his attention, and he begins to give her more and more of his time.

It becomes clear that he was not completely stable and happy himself. He harbors resentment towards his ex-wife, and studies the tarot obsessively.

He works with her more, promising to somehow return her lost childhood to her. He starts calling her his little girl, which seems to happily accept. They marry.

Then, on their wedding night, he violently rapes her in a perverse incestuous fantasy of her as his little girl. He is not the one who cannot perceive the difference between reality and fantasy, as he screams out all the roles of women in the tarot, seeing her as an archetype, not a person. Apparently unable to deal with his horrible actions, he hangs himself in the shower afterwards.

Stacy, who becomes more and more unstable, later has various memories of other nights that he forced her into various perverse sexual acts. It is unclear whether these scenes are real, and took place before they were married, or if they are a symbol of her increasing insanity.

She becomes pregnant from the rape, and puts the child up for adoption. The child grows up to become Christine Spar, and becomes the next Grendel.

It is ambiguous whether Olliver was always such a twisted individual on the inside, or whether his proximity to the Grendel legacy made more evil than he would have become otherwise.

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