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Dr. Dorsal was created by Nick Cardy and Bob Haney.

Major Story Arcs


Dr. Dorsal, though human in appearance, is actually an extra-dimensional alien, from a world of water breathers. There is some speculation to suggest that Dr. Dorsal hails from the same world that Mera does, Dimension Aqua. He does not, however, possess the inhabitants of that dimension's native ability to control and manipulate water. Instead, Dr. Dorsal is in possession of a two-headed, mutant eel, which can mesmerize it's victims with a single glance.

Dr. Dorsal begins his criminal enterprise on Earth, by first establishing "Dr. Dorsal's Deep Six Discotheque" as a front, and base of operations. The unique underwater dance club attracts scuba-diving teenagers, who party there for as long as their oxygen tanks hold out. To maintain his masquerade as a surface dweller, Dr. Dorsal also wears scuba gear, whenever he has patrons in his establishment.

Dr. Dorsal, using the power of his pet eel, was once able to place Aqualad and Aquagirl under his sway. While in his power, Aqualad led the teenage revelers in Dr. Dorsal's club, dubbed the "Aqua-Kids", on various minor criminal raids on the surface. In this way, Dr. Dorsal could strengthen his hold over the teens, by enlisting them in bigger and bigger criminal acts. The strength of the eel's mesmerism over Aqualad constantly had to be refreshed, due to his strong will, but weaker minds seemed always open to Dr. Dorsal's suggestion. On a raid to steal military technology from a Naval port, Aquagirl, still under Dr. Dorsal's command, killed a spy who had infiltrated Dr. Dorsal's operation. When the spy was revealed to be Aquaman, the shock broke the eel's hold over Aqualad and Aquagirl. Enraged, the two heroes returned to Dr. Dorsal's discotheque with revenge in their hearts. Unable to regain his hypnotic hold over the teenage heroes, Dr. Dorsal fled back to his native dimension. To date, he has not returned. Aquaman, it was later revealed, had not, in fact, died at the hands of his sidekick.

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