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Nothing is known of Dr. Anton Decibel's early life, aside from the fact that he supposedly became a medical doctor, before being lured into a life of crime. At some point after becoming a criminal, he altered

Linda Lewis

's vocal chords so that she could produce a hypersonic scream. His motives for doing this are unknown, although as she was a popular and well-known singer, it is possible that he did it out of jealousy of her fame, or out of spite. At some point Dr. Decibel joined the Institute of Evil, as part of a game between the


and the

Scarlet Centurion

, to fight the

Squadron Supreme



Dr. Decibel was created by

Mark Gruenwald


Bob Hall

, and first appeared in

Squadron Supreme

#5 as a member of the

Institute of Evil

. Dr. Decibel appears to be a fairly original character from Earth-712, not based upon any existing characters.

Character Evolution

Dr. Decibel first appeared as a somewhat sinister doctor in the

Institute of Evil

, prior to being put under a Behaviour Modifier ("B-Modder") machine by the Squadron Supreme. Afterwards, just like the rest of the Institute, he was friendly and no longer evil. Although Dr. Decibel was rarely seen, he appeared to be quiet and studious, becoming the team's medical doctor.

Major Story Arcs

The Utopia Principle

The Institute of Evil

Several months after the Squadron Supreme announced their plan to turn Earth into a utopia, Dr. Decibel was with the rest of the Institute of Evil when they captured the

Golden Archer

and found out about Tom Thumb's recently invented Behaviour Modifier machine. The Institute then captured several of the Squadron's friends and family, as the Squadron members had all recently unmasked, and attempted to use that as leverage against the team. The Squadron instead attacked the Institute, but were unsuccessful in defeating them. During the fight, Dr. Decibel fought and defeated Lady Lark, as he was immune to her sonic powers. The Institute then B-Modded the Squadron to become evil, but unfortunately for them they didn't realise that Tom Thumb had built a failsafe into the B-Modder so that no Squadron members could be affected by it. As a result, the Squadron sprung a surprise attack on the Institute, and this time they were successful.

The Squadron then used the B-Modder on the Institute of Evil so that they couldn't commit any more crimes or betray the Squadron Supreme. With this done, they could afford to have the ex-Institute members join and increase their ranks. After joining, Dr. Decibel spent most of his time as the team's medical doctor, mostly overseeing


's pregnancy.

Towards the end of the Squadron's reign,


was rendered in a coma thanks to some gas he had inhaled whilst saving some factory workers. Whilst Dr. Decibel was watching over Quagmire, he noticed some extradimensional slime, which Quagmire could produce as a result of his powers, beginning to appear, showing that Quagmire's higher brain functions were returning. Unfortunately, the slime kept appearing at an alarming rate, eventually flooding the entire hospital. Dr. Decibel didn't escape in time, and was suffocated before Quagmire could be stopped.

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Decibel had a device which could produce up to 300 decibels of sound, which he primarily used as an attack. He was also a skilled surgeon, notably altering Linda Lewis's vocal chords in order to give her super powers. He also was the Squadron's medical doctor whilst he was a member, so it can probably be assumed that he had a medical certificate and was a fully qualified doctor.

Alternate Realities

No alternate versions of Dr. Decibel have been seen, at time of writing.

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