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Dr. Cobra was wanted by the police. It was Denny Colt who decided he'd bring him in to collect the reward. In Dr. Cobra's hideout, when Denny Colt arrived, Cobra was in the middle of another one of his experiments. As Denny talks to Dr. Cobra, his henchman attacks him. Denny's gun accidentally goes off and fires into a tank filled with chemicals. The chemicals hit him smack in the face. Dr. Cobra drags out his henchman and escapes. When the Dolan and some backup arrive, they find Denny's lifeless body crumpled on the floor. He is brought to the coroner who pronounces him dead. With his body already stiff and he assumes it's from rigor mortis. Denny Colt comes to a few hours later and escapes his grave. It seems the chemicals placed him in a state of suspended animation. Denny decided to remain "dead" and fight crime as The Spirit

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