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Robert Doom is a Latverian-American, distantly related to Victor von Doom. While a rather successful dentist, Robert felt envious of his cousin's wealth and power. In an attempt to Keep up with Joneses, Doom formed his own super-villain plans. He studied mechanics, robotics and weaponry technology. Then he created his masterpieces: neuro-transcivers. Miniature devices which would allow him to take over the nervous system of fellow humans. He started implanting these devices to the fillings of his wealthiest clients. Spread around New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. In time he would control them and through them their fortunes. Carving his own kingdom and showing up Victor.He had not counted on a client accidentally damaging his transceiver and turning it to a miniature radio receiver. The client filed a legal suit. The lawyer assigned to the case was Jennifer Walters. Who soon discovered the case went further than malpractice. He had little chance in combat against her. She even bit through his adamantium-laced drill.

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