Why do People hate Dr. Crusher?

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Ok, So, I've talked to several Trekies and they all seem to say the same thing (myself excluded, of course): they don't like Beverly Crusher. Now, I'm not saying that i am a fan of her or something like that, but I just can find out why people seem to hate her. They all say different things, but nothing definitive. Can anyone out there explain to me why this is? Opinions?

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They do?  I've never heard of this, and I've never heard of McFadden getting anything but the warmest of welcomes at conventions.  Sure, she's no Data, but how many of those can we really have?
I always like the Crusher-centric episodes.  In the immensely logical and scientific world of Star Trek, she represented a character who followed her carefully honed instincts.

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Well, for some reason (don't ask me) all the people who like star Trek don't like Dr. Crusher. Perhaps its just the people who i hang out with, but just not sure.

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I don't hate her, but she's one of my least favorite TNG characters. I don't really know why, maybe I just can't empathize with her. Maybe she reminds me too much of one of my former teachers or bosses or something. Maybe because she had a hand in creating Wesley.

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I've watched all the Star Trek shows (not ENT), the films, read a few ST comics and at least two ST video games. It's a trekkie or a trekker thing (always is), because I'm not one of those and I liked Crusher. Now she may not be on my top 5 or top 10 favorite ST characters, but I've always liked her.

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I loved Next Gen and have no problem with Dr Crusher. Wesley bugged me even as a kid and I always wanted more Geordi episodes but didn't hate anybody.

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Crusher in the Naked Now... so hot.

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oh hello forum post I barely remember posting :)

yeah, it was just that some of the people around me just hated her. Their reasoning was that if she had not stepped in, we would have been able to kill the whole borg collective just by one disease...

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Killing the whole Borg collective by just one disease... even after what Voyager did with "Unimatrix Zero"... that still wasn't the end of them. There were a few things she said and did that I didn't like or agreed with, like in episodes
"The High Ground"
"Suddenly Human"
"I, Borg"
But I never hated her because of those episodes. The same thing could be said about my top favorite ST characters.

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She birthed Wesley O_O

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Like I said, the problem is always with the hard core fans (too hard core). They will find anything or everything to hate a character that isn't on the level of Spock, Kirk, Data, Wolf and so on. They need to grow up... but that's never going to happen.

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I would also say the connection with Wesley

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She was my favorite character on Star Trek:The Next Generation. Clearly a student of the McCoy school of medicine. As quick with a phaser, as she was with a hypospray. I've never known anyone to actively dislike her. Everyone I know ( who watched the show) was much happier with her return (in the third season) than they had been with her replacement, Dr. Pulaski. I don't know anyone who liked her.

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@TheCrowbar said:

Crusher in the Naked Now... so hot.


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I'll tell you why they hate her, because she would rather save 1 borg than her entire race (Season 5 - I. Borg), she worries more about the feelings of the family of a dead man than possibly saving 1000s of lives in the future (Season 5 - Ethics), and those are just 2 examples. They always seem to give her the part of the bleeding heart that makes the person watching just cringe at her idiocy. I can't stand her, really, the actress plays the part well, the part in my opinion is very badly written.

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