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Dr. Agony was a scientist that had a secret underground chamber near a gully where he would torture various individuals. Captain America and his sidekick, Bucky would fall into his chamber when they try to look for a missing farmer named Mr. Morley. Dr. Agony controlled a black panther cat he named Tula that would place the heroes in a trance when it purred. Dr. Agony showed the heroes Mr. Morley in a torture rack as part of his experiment where he was trying to increase a man's capacity for pain until he no longer could feel pain. The serum he created would make men immune to pain and they would fight for the Axis in the war. The serum was successful with animals so Tula was immune to pain. Dr. Agony places Captain America inside a cage where an electric current flowed and caused the cage to emit burning heat. Bucky saves Captain America when he escapes from his bonds but the super soldier is confronted by Tula. The panther leaps towards Captain America and he accidentally presses the light switch. Tula is blinded by the glaring lights and leaps onto its master rather than Captain America. Dr. Agony stabs Tula with a knife but the panther feels no pain and rips out his master's throat.


Dr. Agony was created by Syd Shores and Vince Alascia in 1944 and first appeared in Captain America Comics # 37. 


Dr. Agony was a scientist that specialized in pain and created a serum that made animals immune to pain. He also could place people in some type of hypnotic trance while his panther cat would purr.

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