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Douglas Paszkiewicz is a veteran in the comic book industry, having done work for Image, and DC Comics, Mad Magazine and Topps Mars Attacks while keeping his own Independently Published work Arsenic Lullaby at the top of the heap in popularity and critical acclaim. His cartoonish yet skillfully precise drawing style is immediately recognizable no matter where they are featured.

Outside of comics he has recently done writing for the upcoming "Trip Tank" cartoon series from Comedy Central.

Among other critical acclaim his comic, Arsenic Lullaby, has been nominated for the Industries two highest awards, the Harvey Award and the Eisner award for "Best Humor Publication". Arsenic Lullaby was recently translated into Greek and published overseas where it was promptly nominated for Europe's Comicdom Award. An Arsenic Lullaby anmated Pilot episode has been created and is currently being pitched.

Arsenic Lullaby DVD Pilot Limited Edition Sleeve
Douglas hugging his inflatable zombie fetus at SDCC '07

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