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Douglas Nolan was Ferro Lad's twin brother with whom he shared powers and disfigurement. When his brother died he knew instintively. He hated the Legion because that.

Douglas also had a disease that put him in contact with different timelines past present and futures than were driven him mad. He was under care by the Time Institute where, with the help of Brainiac 5, they searched by the timeline where Douglas could belong. In on of them he tried to destroy them when the Legion had becomed Adult Superheroes. But Saturn Woman show him how his brother willingly sacrifed himself to stop the sun-eater. Douglas then changed his attitude and joined the Legion. When this reality was experienced by Douglas, he vanished from the main existence and merger him with the Douglas of that reality where he will have a happier life.

Zero Hour

Post Zero Hour both brothers are inhabitants from the XX century, sons of a famous actress who give them to an evil scientist, Dr. 30, who put them under study in a facility for young metahumans people. Insted joinig his brother and scape from Dr. 30, Douglas choose to join the the Knight Shift, the guardians of the prision. However, when his brother returned to save him, Douglas tried to help him, provoking a riot in the prision. Sadly Douglas died amid the chaos.

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