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Dealer talks to Banzaitron about how he compromised the mission on Ki-Aleta

Dealer was with a group of Autobots being lead by Hot Rod on Ki-Aleta with the objective of securing the magnificence before the Decepticons. They had planned on distracting the omega guardians who guarded the omega bunker where the magnificence was in and then securing it. Unknown to the others, Dealer was secretly planning to sabotage the mission and because of him, everyone save himself and Hot Rod would be killed. He would also contact Hot Rod and pretended that he was under fire by the Decepticons and Hot Rod would feel guilty that he couldn't help him. Dealer was later held in Styx - the most brutal Decepticon prison - until Hot Rod came to rescue him hoping he could redeem himself for what happened on Ki-Aleta many years before. After being rescued, Dealer would thank Hot Rod and would tell him that it's okay what happened back on Ki-Aleta and would then secretly tell Banzaitron that Hot Rod still has no clue as to what really happened and that he may have secured the magnificence, but he knows that Hot Rod still feels guilty over what happened and believes they can use it to their advantage. For this reason, Banzaitron decides to rename him as "Doubledealer".

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