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Double Take was created by Val Staples and was published to give new creators a place to get their ideas printed for everyone to see. Each book was a flip book with two stories sharing the pages.

The issues weren't all printed in order. Issue 1 came out in July 2001. A similar title called Double Image was being published by Image from Feb-June 2001 but was cancelled after the first 5 issues. Robert Kirkman used Double Take to pick up where Double Image left off. Double Take issues started again at issue 6 and ran through issue 8, continuing the Codeflesh story from Double Image and picking up Rex Mantooth: Kung Fu Gorilla. Issue 2 was then published in April 2002 with new stories, Tales of the Realm and The Terrifying Tales of Tommi Trek, and stopped in June 2002 with Issue 3 featuring Legend of Stone Monkey and Vice Worlds. Issues 4 and 5 were never printed.

The 8-issue story of Codeflesh between Double Image and Double Take would later be collected into a 128 page trade paperback in November 2003.

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