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Married to the now deceased Burt Carlysle. The two were the parents of Copycat. When it was discovered that their daughter was a mutant they kicked her out of their home and saw very little of her afterwards.


Written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Joe Madureira in 1993.

Major Story Arcs

Nine years after Dorothy kicks her daughter out of their home she gets a visit from Sluggo. He doesn't state his reason for looking for Copycat and thanks Dorothy for her time when she admits to not having heard from her daughter for over three years. Truth of the matter is that Copycat had just shown up for visit some days prior. A few minutes later Sluggo is thrown through Dorothy's roof. Dorothy runs outside to plead with Copycat to stop living her devil-may-care life. Copycat refuses, stating that she'll be more powerful thanks to her lifestyle. Regardless of their past, Dorothy just wants her daughter to be happy and expresses such, as well as the sorrow she feels for having kicked her out in the first place. She's merely told to file a police report for Sluggo's "breaking and entering" as Copycat leaves in Sluggo's car.

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