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Brief History

Doris Urich is the wife of Ben Urich and the aunt of Phil Urich, the current Hobgoblin.

It was revealed at the end of the Secret Invasion that Doris had died sometime during it. Ben later states during Siege that it was cancer, but his flashback seems to imply that she committed suicide.

In Other Media



Adriane Lenox as Doris

Doris appears in the MCU Daredevil series for Netflix, played by Adriane Lenox. This version of the character is African-American rather than white, and suffers from a serious medical condition. Throughout the story, Ben attempts to help her despite the financial strain it puts on him. When Ben is killed by Wilson Fisk, Doris is seen at his funeral. She mentions that the life insurance policy he took out is enough to take care of her expenses, and that he's still looking after her even in death. She also encourages Karen Page not to give up in her pursuit to take down Fisk, just as Ben didn't.

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