lostlantern13's Doomwar #4 - Doomwar, Part 4 review

"I'm not that in-no-cent!"

Plot & Action: In issue four, we get a lot of action, but not a whole lot of overall plot progression. I like the action we see, but action that goes no where leaves me a bit unsatisfied. Finding a balance on plot and action is nothing new for this series though. This is this the shortcoming of this series so far.

The issue's a showcase for Doom's new Doombots. In fact, most of the issue is devoted to this. Doom's endgame and plan are still a bit unclear, and we're two-thirds of the way done with this mini-series. Of course, the cover spoils what was supposed to be this issue's twist which is a bit annoying. There would've been more impact if the cover hadn't ruined it, and they only showed the cover in hopes to sell books with a character as opposed to the story.

Character Work: What more can I say about Doctor Doom's portrayal? I love how he looks, how he talks, and just the sheer prescence of Doom. This is where this series succeeds in a way that storylines as grand as "Dark Reign" never did. Doom takes a back seat to no man. Storm fans will be happy that she's in the fight. I also actually liked Shuri's aggressive stance in this war as it made a lot of sense.

Negatively speaking, I understand why he didn't, but I'm a bit disappointed that Reed Richards didn't join in on the frontlines where his team was. It seems a bit out-of-character actually. Of course, I did dig the bit part that our cover friend had in the issue. Brief, but I laughed. However, in a story about war and political intrigue, should I be laughing? It's going to be a very tricky line to balance next issue.

The Art Team: Scot Eaton continues to impress me. His art has been consistently good. I already said I loved his Doom, but his character design on the whole has been pretty spot-on. I have been dying to see him cut loose, and he finally got that chance. His back-to-back spreads were fantastic and didn't disappoint. The colors are well balanced here as I don't find anything too bright or dark. I do feel like the inkers could tighten up the lines a bit more to make it a bit cleaner, but that's a small, personal complaint. On the whole, the art, JRJR covers aside, has been really good.

Generally Speaking: I do feel like a five-issue run would've made for a tighter read, but that can't be changed at this point in the game. The cover spoils the ending, and I wish books wouldn't do that. Of course, I'm questioning if introducing Deadpool was the right move in this kind of story, but that's more of a concern going forward. Issue four does have a lot of action, but I could also do with more progression. This issue is solid and passable, but these middle issues have lulled and some actual development needs to occur before this series ends. I'm hopeful that the series will end on a proper note as Maberry is a very capable writer, but I can't deny that my excitement was somewhat tempered here.    


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