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Doombringer is large and strong, estimated to have between enhanced human strength and being able to lift c. 10 tons. Its primary weapon are its sharp claws. Its thick, scaly hide endured conventional attacks with arrows or swords. But it proved vulnerable to adamantium claws and tachyon field-coated blades.
C. 1000 AD, there was conflict within the cult of Tangor Marat, Thailand. Their mystics and sages had gained secret knowledge of the "invisible world all around us". They found out of the existence of Doombringer and believed the world was destined to be destroyed by extra-dimensional invasion. The question was what to do about it. Half the Cultists worked on spells to hasten the invasion and the end, the other half worked on spells to freeze time. 
During a physical battle and as Doombringer's hand reached through an extra-dimensional portal, the second spell was used. Everyone involved froze in place and time. A thousand years later, the spell was disrupted by an earthquake. A single cultist re-entered the normal flow of time.
The man was among those determined to summon Doombringer. But he could not perform the deed alone. He searched for active offshoots of his cult. He found one in Japan, the Clan Yashida. Mariko Yashida, its leader, had heard of the Doombringer legend but did not know enough to determine a course of action.
The cultist convinced about twenty of the Clan's men to join him in an expedition back to Thailand. Mariko asked Logan and her half-brother to investigate independently. The two arrived a bit too late. The ancient spell was already broken and cultists of both sides were dying left and right. But more importantly, the Doombringer was alive again.
The Doombringer blindly attacked anyone in sight. In combat with Wolverine it proved a match. Even in full berserker mode, Wolverine could not cause enough damage to defeat it. Instead he was losing the battle due to blood loss. Until Harada managed to skewer the creature through its abdomen. After that it was easy for Wolvie to enlarge the existing wound and cause some new ones. 
With the Doombringer dead, Wolvie and the Samurai survived though severely wounded. Archie Corrigan transported them to a hospital. A second Doombringer was seen but unable to cross the gate. Uncertain if there are others.

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