New 52 Doom Patrol Idea

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Writers: Jeff Lemire and Gail Simone

Artist: Pasqual Ferry

Premise: The Doom Patrol is the Red Room's alien artifact recovery squad. They work together to gather alien technology hidden or left behind on Earth so that it can be studied and reproduced for the benefit of man kind. They work in tandem with A.R.G.U.S. from time to time, but the objectives of the two groups may not be totally in line.

The series explores Victor Stone's growth into a leader; the adjustment of Beast Boy, Negative Man, and Element Girl into a post-human identity; the friendship of Negative Man and Frankenstein; the friendship of Beast Boy and Cyborg; Elastigirl's emergence from the shadow of the Chief; Deadshot's reluctant role on the team; the romance of Victor Stone and Sarah Charles; and a whole lot of adventuring! Victor's relationship to his father is also crucial. Silas Stone is no longer sure if his son is still a part of Cyborg.

Main Characters:

Side Characters:


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I'd replace Deadshot with Mento. Deadshot already fits into the larger DCU as the "semi-leader" of the Suicide Squad and plus Mento's just more classic Doom Patrol. I do think your idea of being ARGUS's recovery team is really interesting though. Also, how do you propose bringing Gar into that fold when he's currently with the Ravagers?

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Yeah, I'd get rid of Deadshot too. He doesn't fit with the Doom Patrol's motto ("The World's Strangest Heroes"). Element Woman is a perfect fit, great choice there.

I'd buy this book (as long as you get rid of Floyd) in a heartbeat.

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Also...where's Robotman? It can't be Doom Patrol if there's no Robotman...

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I'd read that book.

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Y'know, I also wouldn't make Cyborg a team member right away. Given the current state of the relationship between him and his father, don't you think its a little weird for them to be working together? I'd say throw Bumblebee into the line-up, who strikes up a friendship with Vic and then acts as a bridge between him and the team (and more importantly between him and his father). Eventually, when Vic and his father patch things up, Victor becomes a part-time member of the team, with his Justice League duties taking priority of course.

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Yeah, it came into my mind that DC should have merged Frankenstein and Doom Patrol the other day. And boi, you forgot Robotman.

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Frankenstein would be a good adjustment to the team and I would definitely read this.

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Wow, I can't believe I missed Robotman. Yeah, you can't leave him out. It's not the Doom Patrol without Cliff.

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I'd add Rose Tattoo, Freefall or Zealot from Wildstorm.

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@OutlawRenegade: You're right, Zeeguy91. What's a Doom Patrol without the only consistent member.

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Also, Kindt or Mieville for writer or else git.

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I would take a Doom Patrol comic over The Movement, Green Team, or yet another Batman title any day. Don't get me wrong, Batman and his comrades and enemies are some of my favorite characters, but we have more than enough of those already. A Doom Patrol would be awesome though I would prefer a different roster. Beast Boy, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, and Element Woman, yes. I'm on the fence about Cyborg, but I feel like the team needs its traditional members somewhere in there: Mento and Robotman.

Jeff Lemire would be a great writer for this comic. It's been a while since I've read any Gail Simone, and I think she'd be an interesting fit.

Anyway, great post. Thank you for making this topic.

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I want the basic Silver Age team and Bumblebee, Element Woman, and maybe a return of Metamorpho would be awesome to see!

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