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The World's Strangest Heroes continue their adventures in this third volume collecting Grant Morrison's career-launching run on DOOM PATROL. Reprinting issues #35-41 of the series, DOWN PARADISE WAY features the debut of Danny the Street, the first appearance of Flex Mentallo, and, through it all, an incredible saga of cosmic war and super-evolving consciousness!


For the super-powered and super-odd Doom Patrol, the unusual and outlandish are mere routine, and confronting the impossible is just another day on the job. Goof thing, too, since they're about to face some of their weirdest challenges yet -- including a merciless attack by the forces of normality, a team member's startling transformation and a journey beyond space and time to join opposing sides of an ancient alien war!

Of course, with the World's Strangest Heroes there's always more going on beneath the witty dialogue and the punching, and this time is no different. As the team grapples with its newest antagonists, hints begin accumulating of an ancient and powerful conspiracy shaped in the dark corners of Earth's collective consciousness -- a sinister force now turning its attention to the Doom Patrol!

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