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"All I want is the answer to one simple question before I run screaming back to the bughouse. Is this real or isn't it?"

It's a simple question, but it isn't a simple world -- not anymore. Not for the members of the Doom Patrol -- the World's Strangest Heroes.

Originally conceived in the 1980s, the Doom Patrol was reborn in 1989, bursting out of the utterly unique imagination of writer Grant Morrison (ANIMAL MAN, JLA THE INVISIBLES, THE FILTH) and heralding a new direction for American comics.

Following that direction, the World's Strangest Heroes have left behind almost every vestige of normality. Though they are super-powered beings, and their foes are bent on world domination, all that is conventional ends there. Shunned as freaks and outcasts, and tempered by loss and insanity, the Doom Patrol faces threats mystifying in nature, corrupted beyond any sensible motives -- threats that must, at all costs, be defeated.

"The world needs the Doom Patrol. Needs us more than ever. Don't you see? There are areas in which only we are qualified to operate. When the rational world breaks down, we can cope, because we've been there, in ourselves. We have known madness and delirium and we are no longer afraid."

This new printing of the first collection of Grant Morrison's DOOM PATROL run includes issues #19 — 25 of the series, including the restoration of three story pages omitted from the original printing. Plus, a new cover by Bolland.

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Weird is the New Cool! 0

Writer Grant Morrison (Action Comics and Batman Incorporated) delivers a wonderful and somewhat odd story. This story, though at some point strange, is told in such an amazing way. The story talks about the classic super-team, Doom Patrol who tries to help a world who rejects for their freakish characteristics. This was truly an amazing story to read and worth my time. Again, Brian Bolland makes another superbly illustrated cover. You can tell from the cover the madness the team feels while prot...

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