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Cliff Steele's going up against the toughest foe he's ever faced...himself, as his disembodied brain and new robot body engage in a most unusual dialogue. Also, the Brain and Monsieur Mallah return!

The Chief removes Robotman's brain from his body so he can repair it. The body (designed by Will Magnus) somehow gains consciousness of its own. Worried about losing his consciousness if Cliff's brain is put back inside him, Robotman's body decides to murder Cliff's brain by draining the fluid from its container. Furthermore, the body sets all its weaponry to explode if anybody tries to put a brain inside him.

Unfortunately for the robot, Mallah and the Brain attack the Doom Patrol's headquarters, quickly defeating him. They tie the body down and despite his protests, succeed in placing the Brain inside. Happy with his new body, the Brain admits that he is in love with Mallah. Mallah returns his love. The ape takes the gum out of his mouth to kiss the brain (sealing up the hole in Cliff's brain's container by accident) and the two embrace just before Robotman's body explodes, seemingly taking both super villains with it.


  • John Workman credited as Jay Dubb.

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