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The captured Celsius, Tempest and Cliff Steele must contend with Kalki, who plans on using a satellite to kill anyone who isn't faithful! Meanwhile, Harry Stein and Valentina Vostok arrive in Jamaica to look for the missing members of Doom Patrol.

Tempest escapes from his containment cell at Kalki’s compound in Jamaica. He is blasting lackeys. Meanwhile, Arani is begging to be released from her cell. Tempest ignores her as he remembers their defeat at Kalki’s hands. He recalls Cliff Steele being devoured by Kalki. Arani calls to Joshua Clay again requesting to be released. However, before he can decide what he wants to do, he is knocked unconscious by Kalki.

Kalki reveals his scheme to Celsius. He intends to use a satellite to use lightning to kill all who are not faithful to him. However, the lightning is actually negative bio-electric energy.

Cliff is shown floating. The ghouls inhabiting Kalki’s dimension are trying to devour his soul. Harry Stein has just arrived at Jamaica’s International Airport. Stein catches a taxi to a local hotel. He is unaware that is boss, Valentina Vostok, is also on the island. Vostok is attempting to locate her former Doom Patrol teammates. She reveals her true intention is to protect her former teammates from the same agency she currently works for. She trips a security alarm. A patrol is sent to “shoo” her off.

Kalki begins to realize sending Cliff Steele through the portal may have been a bad idea. He is consumed by great pain. The pain causes him to remember his origin. He has a flashback to his first meeting with Niles Caulder. The two men worked together on a project. Prof Desai decides to use himself as the test subject. The injection transformed Desai into Kalki. As this is happening, Cliff Steele is breaks himself out of portal doorway in Kalki’s chest.

Vostok is approached by the perimeter patrol. The patrol realizes she is not a lost tourist. After the patrol members pull out their weapons, Vostok releases her negative energy form. She neutralizes the patrol. Then, she enters Kalki’s underground compound.

Steele demands Kalki reveal the location of his friends. Kalki signals his guards. While Vostok is investigating the compound, she recognizes a nearby energy identical to her own. Steele easily defeats the guards. He sets out to locate his teammates. Vostok and Steele encounter each other in a room with a comatose Larry Trainor.


  • Special thanks to Rick Stasi.

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