the_mighty_monarch's Doom Patrol #17 - Of the Blood review

What Do You Call an Act Like That?

The Good: Every time I start a running complaint, Griffen fixes it. Nationalization is finally explained. 
I absolutely love this cover. 
Yet another BRILLIANTLY HILARIOUS summary of the recent events. Each one is a different sort of joke to recap the events and this one is unique and just as funny as it is effective. You'll want to read it even if you've read all 16 previous issues. 
The beginning is a weird kind of weird. It seems far too normal of a weirdness to be a Doom Patrol weird, which just makes you nervous throughout the whole issue just waiting for the weird weirdness to show itself. 
It's very amusing to see the Doom Patrol in formal clothes. 
Another throwback to old school DP, General Immortus. 
Bumblebee actually demonstrates that she's a member of the team. 
Something about Byron III's dialogue reminds me a bit of Morrison's Doom Patrol. He just has this creepy old world head-in-the-clouds quality to his dialogue. 
The Aristocrats' nonchalance to the violence and chaos is pretty much exactly what I wanted from them. They're properly creepy. 
The Bad: I'm still left wondering what the extra mile they need to go is. There's got to be something more to the Aristocrats or this wouldn't be Doom Patrol. Especially since Batman R.I.P. showed some extremely twisted natures of aristocratic society. 
Once again, Crazy Jane is ignored. It's like she was forgotten after the shock of her reintroduction. Considering how close she and Cliff were in Morrison's run, I felt like he'd be more concerned about what would happen to her if they were deported, but he doesn't mention her at all. 
I want to know who Byron II was writing that letter to at the beginning. He makes some mention of being Jack the Ripper, which just makes me remember Red Jack. In fact their entire situation reminds me of Red Jack, and Griffen seems to love to bring back older villains, Moving house, fancy house, obsession with girls with wings, casual about gratuitous violence, Jack the Ripper, it seems like there's a connection but I have no idea if it means anything. 
In Conclusion: 4/5 
I think my own personal hype was to blame for me not enjoying this issue as much as I should've. Between the last issue and this one I read 3 volumes of Grant Morrison's run. Combined with the idea of the Aristocrats I think I expected something a lot more twisted than what I got. They just seem too normal twisted and not quite Doom Patrol twisted. But there's a few clear hintings that something crazier is hidden under this and that feeling kept me going through this issue and leaves me still excited for the next one.


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