etragedy's Doom Patrol #101 - I, Kranus! review

Dumb Patrol

There are two stories here. The first, 'I, Kranus, Robot Emperor!' has Beast Boy learning that his estate custodian is planning to murder him. He can't confront him without turning into Beast Boy - which he's keeping a secret, but the whole universe must be stupid because he's green, and every creature Beast Boy turns into has a green Beast Boy head, so it shouldn't be much of a secret.

Anyway, he goes to the Doom Patrol who, don't believe him and generally treat him badly, Robotman even gets into a physical altercation with him. Which begs the question, why bother going to the Doom Patrol at all? He could have gone anywhere. The fight with Robotman by the way is two whole pages. Ever since the debut of

The Fantastic Four

, it seems that super teams have to waste at least a page or two fighting (and I mean actually fighting, not arguing), because that's what people liked about the 'realistic' relationship of The Thing and The Human Torch. But most comics get it so wrong, where it seems like a family squabble in FF, here in the Doom Patrol it seems just annoying and pointless - why doesn't Beast Boy just leave? He has no family ties, nor is he a part of the team.

As things progress, the Doom Patrol go off and fight an alien robot on a deserted island for no particular reason. When they return, they scope out Beast Boy's place, but can't actually establish there's a plot against him.

The second story 'Robotman Unchained: The Lonely Giant' is just bad. It tells the story immediately following his origin story as he's suicidal and living on the fringes of society. It's filled with logical fallacies, and despite a few interesting characters, is not very entertaining.

The Doom Patrol was always such a great, misfit, oddball team in concept. Sad that they never had many good stories - leading no doubt to the first volume's early demise.


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