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The Secret Life of an Old Snake
 As a villain and mod figure in the 1940's, The Scarlet Snake was thought to control half of Astro City's underworld activities, despite the civilian identity never being caught or, at the time, even suspected and hasn't been active since the late 1940's. He "retired" and, somehow, lost the bulk of wealth. Ferguson then became a broker, based in Kiefer Square, arranging jobs between masks and those that wanted to hire them. He was also active in other illegal activities, with cheap-off goods in the Sweatshop, and had access to high-tech blasters, several of which were used to defend The Mock Turtle by ambushing the Chessmen.
 In the 1960's, Ferguson helped arranged for young Carl Donewicz to become a subject in Dr. Ganss's experiments, transforming Carl into The Steel-Jacketed Man (now Steeljack).
 As a broker, Ferguson was involved with many Black Masks, including: Handgun, Goldenglove, Cutlass, Steeljack, The Mockery, Chain, Wolfhound, Longhorn, Muscleman, Jackdaw, Glue Gun, The Fog, Strangematter, Smoke, Mirriors, The Mock Turtle, and Goldenglove II. When the Black Masks began dying to the Kiefer Square killer, Ferguson helped arrange for Steeljack to investigate these deaths.
Now Leaving Astro City
 After the Conquistador's plot was foiled, Ferguson fled Astro City. Ferguson is now thought to be in either Europe or South America. Whether he now is truly retired or is still active, making deals and connections among his underworld contacts is unknown.

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