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618342 captain_batman_FTW Character Overview 01/22/15 11:15PM 1 Approved
611539 Saint_Sophie Character Overview Donna has finally appeared in the New 52 so I thought I might add her back story. 01/16/15 04:17PM 10 Approved
610417 NJG5595 Character Overview 01/15/15 09:07AM 15 Approved
590286 Thor_Ul Character Overview update 12/20/14 04:38AM 29 Approved
580531 oceanmaster21 Character Overview 12/06/14 12:51PM 15 Approved
562085 ord1 Character Overview 11/08/14 03:23PM 1 Approved
562076 ord1 Character Overview 11/08/14 03:09PM 6 Approved
548654 reinhardjanssenwijaya Character Overview 10/14/14 05:54PM 3 Approved
483449 hyperman Character Overview 07/14/14 08:04PM 101 Denied
476536 sowlish Character Overview 07/04/14 01:54AM 16 Approved
476094 sowlish Character Overview 07/03/14 10:06AM 42 Approved
424248 Thor_Ul Character Overview fixing link 05/02/14 05:48PM 1 Approved
274133 batpala Character Overview 11/10/13 08:10AM 41 Approved
267437 nszerdy Character Overview The first appearance I can't change for some reason--but it is WRONG--she first appears in Brave and the Bold #60 not Wonder Woman #123 11/04/13 02:45AM 1 Approved
267436 nszerdy Character Overview 11/04/13 02:44AM 5 Approved
171419 batpala Character Overview 08/02/13 06:19AM 20 Approved
46682 COBRAMORPH Character Overview Donna was not in the first Teen Titans show, nor Young Justice. 05/02/13 11:10PM 3 Approved

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