would Donna Troy work with Pre 52 Wonder Womans' Origin?

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with wonder woman issue 0 out and the changing of her origin to include a father & an uncle who trains her, it does seem that Wonder woman has changed from the (debatable) feminist icon that she was. A big part of her character was that Steve Trevor was the first man & fought to be an ambassador for Themyscira .My idea is that with Donna Tory not yet appearing in the new 52 & her origin being very convoluted that switching it with Dianas would not only give her a definitive origin and make it easier for new readers to understand her better but also appease long time / hardcore wonder woman fans in showing that they haven't forgotten the iconic amazons roots entirely.

What do you think? Have you got your own ideas for Donnas origin? Please let me know.

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I think WW's origin would work better if they made Donna an Earth-2 character because E2 is more magic-and-gods oriented thus far. So yeah.

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Which origin? Did Donna even have an origin? Did they ever throw darts to choose which one they were going with? You could say she was hatched from a giant space chicken from the planet Blug-huh! and it would be accurate!

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@jointron33: Her origin story has been changed numerous times and has become overly complicated for any new fan to understand properly. But with wonder woman's' it would simplify it.

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So you're saying she'd be Hippolyta's Daughter, created by the Godesses to bring peace? (Very, very simplified I know, but that's how I remember WW's base origin before all this)

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Personally I liked the Titan Seeds one. I'd like them to just go back to that.

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@Nathaniel_Christopher: Maybe not that simplified. She would be Diana's sister (and Hippolyta's daughter). Though she may not be created by the goddess of peace, it could be any female god.

@SolthesunGod: Which version was that?

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@comkid100 said:

@Nathaniel_Christopher: Maybe not that simplified. She would be Diana's sister (and Hippolyta's daughter). Though she may not be created by the goddess of peace, it could be any female god.

@SolthesunGod: Which version was that?

It was the one were she was a child rescued by Rhea and raised by the titans who gave her powers.

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Donna Troy is suppose to return in the new 52 but when is not confirmed......im hoping shes not in Earth2.....to me Donna should be the daughter of Hippolyta and younger sister to WW

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I think it would be cool if she was never affected by Pandora powers, and remembers everything about the original dc universe. Of course they should give her a definite and 100% understandable origin. Me personally I like the one where she is multiple Donna Troys from different universe.

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Her original origin has something to do with Diana praying to her Gods asking for a sister and thus giving her Donna.

I hope she's the Wonder Woman of Earth-2.

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The new Earth 2 Amazon is called Fury which is the name of several other characters so I doubt Donna will be in Earth 2. I'd love it if that were the case though.

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I love Donna and I dont think her story is that hard to follow if you keep up. She's just a compilation of every Donna Troy from every earth. She should be as she has always been in the new 52 world. She should remember everything and it would be really ironic if, out of everyone who's been rebooted by new 52, she remained completely unaffected.

PS: She's my fav DC character so I hope they dont Douche her up like they have with SO many others...

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I made a post about this very idea before.I think its a grand idea

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I just never understood why her & the Hawks were so hard to figure out & confusing.

Donna Troy was rescued by WW from a fire that killed her (adopted) parents. She then gets powers on the island by the Purple Ray. Whats so hard about that?

Or have the Titans of Myth rescue Donna, they take her to their home, & give her powers. Donna & the other kids could be the ToM plans to retake Greece from Zeus, & free the male titans.

But yeah, her remembering all Donna Troy's lives from the pre-crisis is interesting in this new52.

However, in regards to the REAL Donna Troy from the PRE-flashpoint, lie how Dick becomes Nightwing, Donna should have become Fury.

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could work if you ask me or make her the child of a titan i.e Chronos so she still has a family connection to diana and cassie in the new 52.

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