Why wont they take her seriously?

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Donna be around for years, and yet she hasnt got her own series, all she got was title from teen titans and put in charge of certain events like count down, r infinte crisis(barely). yet dick, kara,and even tim,and conner got their own series. not only that but she basically built the new JLA and dick gets put in charge. so my question is why they wont take her serious and when will they.

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I have no idea

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Doubtful, Donna is one of those characters who simply needs a good writer to tackle her, the same case was with Stephanie Brown, current Batgirl. She wasn't all that important or cared for but when Bryan Q. Miller started writing her she became a huge hit. More than that though she needs more exposure which she won't get as part of the league. Take Tim Drake for instance, he was cool as Robin but wasn't all that special but hes become a huge hit as Red Robin thanks to guys Fabian Nicieza. In my opinion, a good enough writer and artist can make any book great so long as it get the right amount of advertisement as well
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is not they don't take her serious, i  think she just does not have  a big enough fan base for her to get her own series

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@Midnight Monk:
i agree. most people would think its because the character sucks, however i think its because of the writer. for instance if u swich the batman and green arrow writers then arrow would be the most popular character
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Same problem with Wonder Woman recently. It's a lack of decent writers with creative and original stories to tell that damages the character.

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true.  they give her the worst writters sometimes 
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@tensor said:
" is not they don't take her serious, i  think she just does not have  a big enough fan base for her to get her own series "
Most likely this.
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As a Titan of myth, Donna's powers should technically be superior to Wonder Woman's.  She's just one of those characters that no one feels confident taking in a purposeful direction.

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I think its really a case of not getting the "right" writers for her. She's a great character with great history and i actually have grown to like her more than Diana. If they had used her on the TEEN TITANS tv show or at least given her cameos on JUSTICE LEAGUE, i think that wouldve helped her a lot...

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Personally I have always thought she was leagues cooler than Diana, and should permanently become Wonder Woman.

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Just IMO.
First off, she just looks like a younger WW in a different outfit. Artemis & Cassie have different hair color, so even an outsider can tell that they are different people. With that sample pic, a non-fan wont know if that is DT or just Wonder Woman from Earth69. She doesnt even have the WW symbol, though not sure if most non-fans would even recognize it if she did. That doesnt even really look like a costume either.
she doesnt even have a super name. Plus she falls into that inbetween group that is no longer (super)Kid, but not not yet  To me, only Dick & Barbara have managed to create a new image for themselves & are out of the shadow of Bruce. Until they shot Dick in foot & made Nightwing look like a step below Batman when Dick eventually goes back to that costume. You can get away with only using your name like Jean Grey does, if you wear a battle costume, & not some cocktail dress (pantsuit) or pajamas.
To me, part of the reason why Flash & GL never got to the level of fame of Batman & Superman is that there are too many of them. Superman IS Clark Kal-El Kent. Batman "IS" Bruce Wayne. But there have been several GL & Flashes. Sure, only 1-2 at a time for an extended time, but IMO that just doesnt help.
Also, sorry, but I have asked several poeple this in school & at work, but not one of them, male or female, sees the WW family as equal to Batman or Supes. She might be slightly above GL, Flash, & Aquman, but is still under Batman & Superman. So you are talking about a B character to an A-/B+ character.
The only way for DT to get a book is if that WW show survives long enough to introduce DT onto it.

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some what true. but if they exposed donna like they did Dick and Kara then they will see how powerful of a character she is and how large her fan base will grow. plus she is so mush better than her sister
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i think donna is an awesome character. maybe they're just building tension....

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