What should Donna Troy's New Origin be in the New 52!

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She has obviously been missing. She is missed. What should the new introduction of her to the DC universe look like this time?

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I like her origin of being diana magical twin. I just hope this time they wont fuck her up like they always do. maybe this time they can actually make her the awesome character she suppose to be instead of the under rated character they always make her.

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I thought Didio said she wasn't going to be in the new52?

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a tiatns of myth warrior sent down to be trained by the amazons and then becomes troia

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This might be kinda out there (and by suggesting this I am not saying I like it) but i was wondering if maybe Donna might have some ties to Pandora. When you think about it there are some similarities. Both Greek based for starters. Pandora is some form of immortal and Donna has had many past lives. Also wasn't Donna the guardian of the multiverse at some point? And Pandora was responsible for pulling all the Universes together and rewriting reality after flashpoint...

Just saying, there are points that seem to overlap.

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@Beast_in_the_Shadows: That would be awesome, but DC wouldnt go for anything that amazing.

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@Beast_in_the_Shadows: That's the best idea I've heard for the New 52 so far. I'm up for anything. I never really got too much into Donna's origin. She was Troia when I found out about her and her history was already cluttered. I just wanna see her back in the DCU.

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@The_Eurythmic_King_of_Nowhere: Well don't get your hopes up. I'm pretty sure that Pandora is an original character, I was just pointing out that the similarities are there and that since DC hasn't yet stated completely what Pandora's destiny is, that if they decided to they could shift gears and go my route without taking apart everything they've already done. Frankly I'd be just as fine if the entire new 52 was shrunk into on book (like they did with Earth2) while all the other title spaces goes back to the pre-reboot DC. Maybe not every title returns, but at least the old continuity...

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I really like the idea of Donna as an orphan rescued, raised and blessed by the Titans of Myth, just like in her post 1985 Crisis origin.

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I think DT should be a greek girl that WW rescues from a building fire whose family is all killed, so WW somehow learns she is a desendant of some of the amazons who left the island before they became immortal, & takes her to the island & somehow she becomes Wonder Girl. Maybe the fire was caused because of the Titans of Myth origin, but I've never under stood why her & Hawkman were so difficult to figure out, while Alan Scott seemed to never be a problem.

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she has had way too many origins stories. i dont even know on what pre52 origin dc decided upon or they just abandoned on her origin. whatever they choose please stick with it and do actual stories with her.

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With Diana's new origin (Zeus being her father) I think they could easily bring Donna back as a demi-god as well. I would like to see it something like this

Diana - Daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta - we know her story

Donna - Daughter of Ares and Aphrodite - While being daughter of true gods she was made mortal by Hephaestus (being jealous of his wife's affair) at a young age (although she retained all those memories seeing as she was a god). She is Beautiful beyond belief, looking much like her mother and had the nature of her mother as well (quiet and often scared). When she was made mortal she could no longer stay in Olympus so Ares moved her to an Amazonian tribe (an off shoot of Diana's tribe that worshiped all three major goddesses, Hera, Hestia, and Demeter) She was brought up in the peaceful tribe learning about the land, having true and warm heart. Her father would come down from time to time and train her in the ways of war and fighting, as a way for her to defend her family.

Artemis - Daughter of Poseidon and Cleopatra - She was born and then quickly taken from her mother by Poseidon. Cleopatra, (secretly from the Egyptian Amazonian Tribe) thinking her daughter died at birth (thanks to Poseidon tricking her) kills herself. Born of the name Shim-Tar, she is returned to the Egyptian Amazonian tribe and brought up as their own (praising the God Artemis, rather than Hera as Diana's Amazon's do). She has her fathers temper and feels she is superior to everyone else. When she comes of age to become a warrior her father returns giving her the god Artemis's bow as a gift and show of his love to her. She goes on to dip the arrows in the venom of the asp (as a tribute to her dead mother) similar to the god Artemis dipping her arrows in poison.

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Personally I would love to see her connected to looking after the multiverse, like a Guardian maybe with Harbinger and Pariah making a trinity, but then she gets frustrated about not being able to interfere and falls from grace and is reborn as an Amazon and then go from there.

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I don't see any reason to have it be more complicated then a young Amazon who decided to follow Diana's example and leave Paradise Island to see the world.

What you could do it make her the daughter of the Titan Rhea and a mortal man, but the dude died and Rhea decided to bring her to the Amazons to be raised by people that understood her powers. But Azzarello is assembling an army of characters that are sons of gods so the idea lost it's novelty for me.

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wouldn't mind if she was the daughter of chronus so her connection to the titans are still there. I do hope they bring her back so underrated

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I think she should have a connection to the multiverse, perhaps be the key to it.

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Something special must be done with her, to make her different of the other amazons and make her connection to Wonder woman stronger.

How about reversing his original origin: instead of a child of patriarchal world growing in Paradise Island, how about some child of Paradise Island growing in patriarchal world? (That sound almost like a female Percy Jackson). Anyway, Donna was always more adapted to man's world than Diana.

Or maybe she could be the daughter of one of the amazon boys who work for Hephaestus.

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Leave Troy exactly as she was, and working to correct the "Flashpoint" event...

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@peerless1 v.v give her diana's formed from clay origin ...since you know ... it was a lie in the new52 ... can we start a poll or something for her? BRING BACK DONNA TROY AND NUBIA

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