Is Donna Troy Chest Bigger Than WonderWoman?

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I have notice over the last few years and it is just me or does it seems that Donna Troy chest seems noticeably LARGER (in the terms of total breast volume NOT WEIGHT OR MASS) than Wonderwoman. She is 3 inches shorter and 25 pounds lighter than WW. Is it the costumes that they both wear or is her chest that much larger than WW

I think they give Donna Troy a larger chest on puropse so you can tell them apart right away.. WW body is the idea shape for a women. Donna Troy Is A Little more busty and bigger hips than than WW, more like an average women frame.

I read someone (just recently) where that each new artist tries to makes POWER GIRL Bbreast BIGGER as joke to see how big they can go before someone tell them to stop.

And its been going on for a while also. Wally Wood and Bob Layton who started in issue #…38 of Power Girl... Wood was also an artist on the book. Power Girl first appeared in issue #58. Her "booby hatch closed in #68 because it became easier to draw her and Wood thought it was also sexier. As long as Wood drew and inked the book he started making PG top heavy a little at a time. He was caught and he said he just wanted to see how long it took people to notice.

The reason for this is Power Girl has been made bigger over the years and was "it" on purpose. Just wondering if they were doing the same thing for Donna Troy.

What do you all think about this?

PS: Not a weird thread. A unusally thread.

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This is a weird thread.

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@AweSam said:

This is a weird thread.

Agreed.....also wouldn't this vary depending on the artist....

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@jack16ichigo: yes! yes it would

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Isnt Donna a magical copy of WW? So, arent they the same size? If she is physically younger due to some suspended animation, maybe that could explain how they look different.

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well we will need to measure them very carefully =D

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Doesn't it vary depending on the artist?

If anything, I think most superheroines should be drawn a little thicker.

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you know, it just occurred to me that since Donna actually had a son that might make Donna's chest a little bigger because of hormonal change and stuff

so there you go, an actual good answer.

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