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Donna's Big Date

During a blind date with a man named Blake, Donna receives a phone call from someone known as Evsdropr. Evsdropr tells her that the man is not who he says he is and she should go home with the gun taped under the table. That night, Blake and Elle are spying on Donna from half a block away. Donna notices and shoots Blake. Fearful of what she just did, she flees only to run into Elle and getting knocked out by her.

Dona awakes next to Mr. Bennet who warns her that she should not get involved with the company, however Bob discovers that Noah spoke to her and has the Hatian wipe her memory. She then, unaware of the company's corruptness, joins the company only to be brought to light by Evsdropr who captured the entire incident on camera. After seeing this Donna decides to help Evsdroper take down the company.

Career Choices

Donna is being training with Felicia, a superpowered human in the company, to prepare for her upcoming mission. They go shopping and when they return, Donna is needed in Gael Cruz's office. He tells her that she is off field missions before she ever goes on one. Upset, however, unsure if this is because of her decision to help Evsdropr take down the company, she decides to check out her file. She finds Thompson Jr. looking at her file in the file room. Donna explains her situation and he lets her see the file. In the file is a picture of a painting by Issac Mendez. The picture depicts her death and Thompson explains to Donna that so far none of Issac's paintings have been wrong.


Donna has super vision, which allows her telescopic, microscopic, and nocturnal vision. 

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