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Comic book

Breaking the fourth wall

In the comic book we see Donkey arguing with Shrek about which route to take unbeknownst about Lord Farquaad who returned as a ghost to plot against Shrek and Fiona. Fiona gets kidnapped and Donkey and Shrek waist no time and go in pursuit. It quickly leads them to a cemetery where Lord Farquaad is waiting for them, he animates a stone dragon to attack them but they manage to escape. Donkey's girlfriend, Dragon, saves the day and together they manage to defeat the stone dragon. All the while Fiona is on a raft heading for the waterfall but Shrek, Donkey and Dragon manage to save Fiona and they all live happily ever after. In the comic Donkey also breaks the fourth wall, he shows that he knows he's in a comic book.

Other Media

Shrek 1

Donkey meet Shrek for the first time when he chases some guards away and indirectly saves Donkey's life. Donkey wants to stay with him out of gratitude but Shrek is reluctent at first but grows to like him over time. When Shrek is forced to follow a quest to save the Princess Fiona Donky follows him to aid him in this quest. They reach a castle surrounded by lava and a tower guarded by a dragon, Donkey manages to sway the Dragon, this act leads to their relationship in the future. They manage to save the princess and get away, the rest of the movie he tries to get Shrek and Fiona get closer together.

Shrek 2

Donkey & Puss in boots

Donkey catches up with Fiona and Shrek to stay with them because he's been having troubles with Dragon, She's been moody and Donkey simply can't figure out why. So he decides to follow Shrek and FIona when they're summoned to Far Far Away by Fiona's parents. After some problems being accepted by the king, Donkey and Shrek end up drinking the "Happy Ever After" potion from the Fairy Godmother's workshop and while Shrek transformed into a human, Donkey became a large white stallion. They manage to work with all their friends and allies and break into the castle where Shrek and Fiona finally get together. After the spell is broken both Shrek and DOnkey return to their normal form. Donkey seemed dissapointed by this. After the credits Donkey is greeted by his children, it seemed Dragon was pregnant and that was where her mood swings originated from.

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