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Donatella is a character in the Vertigo Series Young Liars.


Donatella was created by David Lapham.

Character Evolution

Donatella's attack

Donatella was amongst a group of club-goers in Manhattan, New York. Although Donatella's true gender was never revealed, another character named Danny referenced Donatella as a "guy" in his internal dialogue. Danny also mentions that Donatella's dream is to one day open a cafe where "some of the waiters are girls, and some aren't, but you can't tell which is which. Another character, Sadie, later explains that Donatella performs fellatio on men for money to pay her bills. Donatella is badly beaten and referred to as a "faggot punk" when a drug deal goes awry in one of the club's restrooms. Later, when Young Liars' storyline shifted from New York to various locations, Donatella is seen as both Donatella and Don, and believes he lives a typical, boring life as a therapist in a town dominated by the "Brown Bag" supermarket (A reference to Wal-Mart). Ultimately, the question of Donatella's sexuality would sadly never be explained, as the cancellation of the series prevented Lapham's elaboration on his creation.

Powers and Abilities

Donatella is human, and does not have any special powers or abilities.

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