Sweden's bizarre Xmas tradition of watching Donald Duck cartoons

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Sweden's bizarre tradition of watching Donald Duck cartoons on Christmas Eve. 
No doubt about it, the Duck & Mouse do better in Europe than here. 
And they do petty well here.

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Awesome :)

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Donald Duck is way popular in Europe. Donald Duck has his own Comic book with a new issue every week. Donald is way more popular than Marvel or DC comics in my country

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It's not just Sweden. Here (Finland) From All of Us to All of You is shown every Christmas with updated bits of upcoming Disney movies and recurring stories (like Donald doing gift wrapping in a factory). Also, he has his ongoing magazine which began in 1952. It is still hugely popular and it's considered kind of a tradition to subscribe to the magazine. Once one kid grows up, the subscription is transferred to the next one etc.

It is also kind of ironic that an American product would help ignite a colourful language: the translation of Donald Duck (Aku Ankka) is of high quality and the magazine has been often referred to as an outstanding example for kids to learn from.

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I'm not much for this tradition but I do love the Donald Duck universe.

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