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"Pirates are evil!!? The Marines are righteous!!? These terms have always changed throughout the course of history...!!! Kids who have never seen peace and kids who have never seen war have different values!!! Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and what's right! This very place is neutral ground!!! Justice will prevail, you say!? But of course it will!!! Whoever wins this war becomes justice!!!"


First Appearence

Doflamingo it's a blond, muscular man, who usually wear a jacket of pink plumage. It's 305 cm tall, making him, among the tallest members of the Shichibukai, the third tallest (fourth if we count Blackbeard.) His former bounty was of 340.000.000 Berry. Like many other characters he has a characteristic laugh: "Fuffuffuffuffuffuffu".

His animal theme it's, of course, the Flamingo.

Along with other future Shichibukai's members, he witnesses the execution of Gold D. Roger. He was seventeen, and it's now thirty-nine years old (41 post time skip).

Before entering in the marine's payroll, he was a merciless slaver, owner of the Human Auctioning House, and he still takes profits from this traffic. However, he gave the business to his henchmen, Disco, after it was attacked by Luffy, stating that slavery was "out", while smileys (simbols of the New Age) where "in".

Doflamingo is initially introduced with his attendance at a meeting held by the Government after the fall of Shichibukai member Crocodile. He states that his business (the slave commerce) on his island was going better than planned and that he only attended the meeting because he was bored. He later reappear to kill one of his subordinates, the pirate Hyena Bellamy, for being defeated in a fight against Luffy. He first starts humiliating him, and then force one of his friend to deliver the final blow.

He answered to the call of Shichibukai to battle Whitebeard and joined the war. During the battle he fights against Oars Jr. cutting of one of his legs, then he defeat one of Whitebeard's captains, Atmos, along his platoon. He then engage the ex fellow warlord Crocodile, proposing him an alliance.

After the War he's ordered to assassinate Gecko Moria, but he apparently fails, because the victim dissapeard using his powers.

When scolded by an officer for the bad performance, Doflamingo steps up saying that he doesn't care about the powers in the World Government and warns the officer that he will quit the Shichibukai if he think it's not funny anymore.


The Smiley of Doflamindo

Doflamingo it's a strong believer and prophet of the "New Age" or "New Era" of the pirates, where "dreams" and "romanticisms" will be abandoned in favor of ruthless opportunism and mere profit. The Smiley (Doflamingo's emblem) becomes rapresentation of this idea, replacing the traditional Jolly Roger.


Like a puppeteer

Doflamingo possesses an unnamed ability to control people's bodies like puppets, making his victims act as he wants by moving his fingers. It visually mimics the marionette cross with a few alterations, as both middle and pinky fingers are extended while the index and the ring finger are curved back at the upper digits while the thumb sticks out. He has shown himself capable of controlling more than one person at the same time, and every one of his victims were unable to resist, finding themselfs completely helpless.

He's also able to effortlessly slice off body parts and mutilate his enemies with invisible weapons, maybe the same that allow him to control bodies.

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