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Domon Kasshu is the representative of Neo Japan and the King of Hearts. Out of the card representatives he is the strongest. He was trained by Master Asia who later betrays him. Later Master Asia and Domon face off to fight again. Master Asia gives Domon a great fight, but he later falls to Domon. Master Asia then goes on to tell Domon that he's proud of him and that he's still his master before he passes away.

Though Domon fights for good, his family works for the Devil Gudam. Domons brother later takes control of the Devil Gundam, coincindentally their father dies. Domon blames his brother on his death and seeks to avenge him.

Domon operates the Shining Gundam.


Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: Around 5'11"

Age: 20


Domon is very impulsive and loud. He normally doesn't think before he acts and seeks battle. He can be seen as unemotional and distant too.

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