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Brief History

Dominic was the only son of Cressida and Derek Desford. They were fascinated with mutations, and tried to mutate their son by transplanting genetic materials from birds into Dominic. He finally got wings when his father accelerated the process by using radiation. The downside of the experiments was that Derek died of cancer and Dominic got cancer as well. Cressida didn't tell Dominic about his disease. Angel learned about Dominic's disease from a letter by Cressida's doctors, and paid Dominic's medical bills since that day, and Cressida told Dominic that Angel was his father. The payments stopped when Angel was presumed dead.

Dominic was sent to X-Factor's HQ by his mother, and after flying past their window he got their attention. Beast and Iceman followed Dominic right into Murderworld, but Dominic didn't want the men to get hurt, and watched them fight off Murderworld's weapon systems. When a laser aimed at Dominic, his mother deactivated it which angered Arcade, but Cressida was the paying customer, and so Arcade gave her the chance to tell her son over the loudspeaker to get back to the control room, but Dominic wanted to help Beast first. He found Beast, who told him to return to Iceman before he got squashed by the attacking tentacles. On his way back Dominic met his mother and this time he followed her order to return to the control room. From the control room he listened to the conversation between Cressida and the two heroes and Dominic pleaded over the loudspeaker to let the heroes go because they were friends of Angel, who Dominic still believed to be his father. Dominic returned into his mother's arms after the heroes were allowed to leave. When they were gone Cressida told Dominic to put his special jacket back on to hide his wings because nobody should find out that they were real.

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