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The Dominator is Destro's personal vehicle and a testimony to his engineering genius.  With the push of a button while in tank mode, propellers extend outward, the fuselage lengthens and the tread assembly folds under the machine, turning it into a powerful and rather majestic assault helicopter.  While both modes are capable of withstanding a great deal of punishment, it is important that the Cobra maintenance crews pay special attention to the mechanism that allow the transformation to occur.  One neglected part could spell disaster for both the Dominator and its pilot.

The Dominator weighs 11 tons with a top speed of 70 MPH (tank mode); 275 MPH (helicopter mode) and a range of 250 miles (tank mode); 360 miles (helicopter mode).  The Dominator armament two 20 mm chain guns with 2,500 rounds of ammunition each and two dual 20mm grenade launchers with 200 rounds each.  For ordnance one nose-mounted anti-armor/anti-aircraft missile launcher with four stored missiles.

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