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Native American with a Jewish name. He can do things no man can do. Because Dolgen is not a man. He was created by a rabbi and a shaman, blending mysticism as old as mankind to create a special Golem. One with the strength of the bear and the speed of the cougar. A creature with no heart and no soul. Only hate and obsession to destroy monsters. Dolgen was a special recruit of the Secret Observations Section (SOS), which tracks down and destroys monsters who pose a threat to US national security. He is the finest investigator they have ever had. In addition to his physical prowess, Dolgen is an extraordinary marksman and tactician. But his cold lifeless exterior has begun to melt over time. Like Pinocchio, Dolgen longs to be human. He also longs for something else - the love of his partner.

One day he happens on a trail of the Butcher Knight. They arrest a man known as Luther Washington. SOS technology reads Luther as something else than human. Dolgen again is obsessed in finding out who exactly he is and what is his relation to gruesome murders.

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