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Following on from the introductory events of DOGS: PRELUDE, this ongoing series follows the mysteries that surround the four main protagonists; Haine, Badou, Naoto & Mihai. Set in a dystopian future where gang-crime & prostitution are rife, their lives are all shaped by the criminal past of a secret underground (literally) organisation.

Over the years many children had been kidnapped. Mutants were ordinary people who had animal features added to their ordinary features, but they were often kidnapped & abused in the sex trade. One of those was Nill, who's angelic features unexpectedly inspired a protective side in Heine. His violent method of protection drew the attention of his former captors who start to return to the surface world leaving a trail of dead bodies & chaos in their wake. As the four protagonists' lives are slowly drawn together, their mysterious pasts begin to unravel; Haine's connection to the underground where he gained his amazing healing factor, how Badou lost his right-eye & older brother, the true person who was responsible for murdering Naoto's parents, and hapless Mihai's gang past helps him survive the ongoing attack of mysterious Dog Soldiers.

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