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Golden Years - Brooding bohemian or boggle-eyed bozo? Philip MacDonald profiles the always-baffling Fourth Doctor ...

The Fourth Doctor on TV


In Production - It's all-change for Doctor Who as Tom takes the reins and UNIT is left behind. Andrew Pixley looks at the making of Season Twelve ...

The Stories - In which there are wrangles with the Wirrn, struggles with Styre and debates with Davros. But will we ever get back to the beacon?


In Production - Season Thirteen - or I'm in a Horror Movie, Get Me Out of Here! Andrew Pixley spotlights the making of Tom's second year at the helm.

The Stories - In which the Doctor and Sarah encounter murderous mummies, crafty Kraals, barmy brain-surgeons and vicious vegetables!


In Production - There's no rest for the wicked, as the Doctor Who team pulls out all the stops once again ... a look back at the making of Season Fourteen.

The Stories - In which we are treated to Renaissance runarounds, hypnotic hands, violent Vocs, Chinese crackpots and computers that have gone cuckoo!


In Production - The money runs out, a robot dog joins the crew and Tom Baker goes beserk! We take a look at the making of Season Fifteen.

The Stories - In which we meet a rampaging Rutan, a naughty Nucleus, the fearsome Fendahl, a penny-pinching Plutonian and the vanishing Vardans!

Afterword - Producer Philip Hinchcliffe shares his memories of Doctor Who ...

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